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Todd M. Lindley, PE

I am committed to bringing a fresh perspective and leadership to the board for the benefit of all members.

Todd M. Lindley, PE

Chugach Board Candidate

 Engineer, Business Owner

I am committed to bringing a fresh perspective and leadership to the board for the benefit of all members. 


I moved to Alaska in 2015 and have loved being here ever since. Before Alaska, I grew up most of my life in Texas. I went to high school at St. Pius X and attended Texas Tech University where I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. My career is in the oil, gas, and energy field where I’ve had the pleasure to work across the United States and internationally with some great people. 


I’m a registered professional mechanical engineer in Alaska and Wyoming. I am committed to finding practical solutions to every day problems. I’m also comfortable navigating the uncertainty of complex multi-variable problems where leadership and teamwork make more of a difference to the bottom line. 


Along with being an engineer, I’m trained in assessing and managing risk at a leadership level as well as at the work face. In the current environment of rebalancing energy portfolios, the long-term risk to the members needs constant vigilance against light and transient causes. Reliability and affordability cannot be outsourced without proper evaluation to the distribution and generation system as a whole. I intend to look towards the future and advocate for services and policies that are truly beneficial to the members and enable economic growth.


Alaska is where my family calls home and I’m running for the Chugach Board to give back to my community where my skills can be of use. If elected, I will work to bolster the reliability and affordability of our energy sources for all members now and for our future. 

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