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Dan C. Rogers, PE

Fifty+ year Alaskan businessman and entrepreneur, engineer, contractor, pilot, race car driver (professional and amateur), EV fan, river rafter, fisherman, shooter/firearm aficionado, traditional karateka, dog owner, dad and husband.

Dan C. Rogers, PE

Chugach Board Candidate

Engineer, Business Owner

I grew up in Alaska, attended Service-Hanshew Jr-Sr high school, went to the University of Alaska, started businesses and raised my family in the state. At this point in my career it’s time to give back to the State, so I am running for the Chugach Electric Board of Directors.

I am an engineer. I have a long history of improving power systems reliability and cost in my years as a Chugach employee and as one of the co-founders of the largest power system engineering company in Alaska.

I am not an idealogue – as an engineer, I look at each situation to determine the best (best being a combination of cost, efficiency and reliability) solution for a given problem.

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I have more experience with “renewable systems that actually work”, including being involved with the Cordova, Kotzebue, Kodiak, and Nome electric systems, as well as being on the Bradley Lake Project technical team in the 80s and 90s.  With these systems we combined wind, hydro, storage and advanced controls technologies to greatly reduce fossil fuel consumption while improving power system reliability and stability.


This can be done at Chugach as well, but only if a dispassionate look is taken at the options available. 

Purposeful Power: Pioneering Solutions for Reliable, Sustainable Futures.

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